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It’s Official. I Got Paid to Write a Mean Joke about Kirstie Alley.

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Write More Good yet? If not, if you’re still on the fence about this important purchase, howzabout checking out a SAMPLE CHAPTER to whet your appetite? Write More Good excerpt If you like what … Continue reading

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Analog Gaming: I’m Dying For DungeonQuest

I talk about DungeonQuest, an old trashy favorite of mine, and why it’s given me the firstest of first world problems.

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Analog Gaming: Digital Gaming

Did you know I got an iPad? Sorry, I’ll shut up about it soon. Today I talk about gaming on it. There are seven possible words from this position. One of them…hurts.

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Of Course, It Won’t Look This Good on YOU

because you aren’t my lovely wife. But the fabulous Fake AP Stylebook merch can still improve your appearance to SOME extent. Click on the image to visit the showroom!

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Is Your Torso Hideous?

Then why not cover it up with quality torso-hiders that simultaneously stand of chance of causing passers-by to squint and/or smirk? (If you can’t see that Flash thinger, go here instead.) You can also get buttons, stickers, mugs, and black-light … Continue reading

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Analog Gaming: Gateway to Hell

For today’s Analog Gaming, I discuss NON-Gateway games. That is, good games that you don’t want to drop onto a newbie right away, or else you stand a good chance of scaring him off. I see you have finally figured … Continue reading

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10 Important Facts About ROFLCon

1) “Con” stands for “Conference”, not “Convention”. This means that it was actually panels of people discussing Internet tomfoolery and not people dressed like Stormtroopers wishing someone would take their picture. 2) The absolute highlight for me was meeting several … Continue reading

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Analog Gaming: Relive the Exciting Days of Not Terribly Long Ago

In this week’s Analog Gaming article on The Bureau Chiefs site, I review Campaign Manager 2008 for the two or three people who aren’t sick to death of American politics.

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