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I Gotta Step Up My Blog Game

Earlier today I clicked a link to a blog. Dude was talking about a movie he’d seen, some comics he’d read, stuff like that. My first thought was, “Wow, this looks very much like my own blog.” Second thought was, … Continue reading

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2011 Blog Stats

Finally, let’s look at the dubious statistics generated by StatCounter for this here blog. This is the number of unique visits each month: January: 6226 February: 3888 March: 4565 April: 6070 May: 4052 June: 5854 July: 3232 August: 4715 September: … Continue reading

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2010 Blog Stats

It’s time to check out my questionable visitor stats here at Dave Ex Machina! According to StatCounter, these were the unique visitors per month. It doesn’t count the mundane ones. January: 5699 February: 4115 March: 5349 April: 9747 May: 6164 … Continue reading

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2009 Blog Stats

Once again looking at my stats from StatCounter (which may or may not be accurate, who knows?) let’s see what you people found interesting last year. Here are the unique visitors per month (though to me, you’re all unique.) January: … Continue reading

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New Music Post Up!

Go take a trip to 1986!

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The Cool New Music Page II

Back in 2001, before there was a Dave Ex Machina, before there was a Legomancer.net, before there was a blog, the first thing I put up on the Internet was the Cool New Music Page, a project in which I … Continue reading

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Dateline: Silver Age

After I posted Monday’s post I was talking with Dave T. about it, saying that I think it would be a hoot to do a whole blog of nothing but panels from old comics featuring goofy newspaper headlines. I lamented … Continue reading

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2008 Blog Stats

Let’s take a look at what people were taking a look at on this here blog in 2008! Problem is, I kinda don’t have the stats for January and February. Oopsie! Here’s the rest of the year, though: January: ?? … Continue reading

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