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On the Table: No Longer On the Table

Played a few things recently, most notably Theseus, which is always a good time, and Nexus Ops. Some other stuff we haven’t played in a while, such as Evolution, Olympos, and, reaching way back, Taj Mahal also got some table … Continue reading

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Birthday Treat Yo Self

Yes, it’s my birthday! Huzzah for me, though you got another year of me and lost Elmore Leonard and frankly, you got shafted on that deal. I’m not a big birthday celebrant, so no big plans are here. Becky got … Continue reading

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My New iPad

After much hemming and hawing, last night I reached down and grabbed a pair (of shoes; I was barefoot at the time) and headed up to the Apple store to get me a new iPad. Behold! I had been getting … Continue reading

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The Post it Took Me Five Years to Create

Order Summary: 1 “Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle” 1 “Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year” 1 “Xbox 360 Wireless Controller – Glossy Black” 1 [SECRET GAME] 1 “Xbox 360 LIVE 1600 Points” 1 “Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership” … Continue reading

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A Triumph Over Things!

That’s about half a bookshelf worth of graphic novels and trades, and yesterday I brought them up to my local (-ish) comic book store to sell. Some notable stuff in there: Bone, Skeleton Key, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, Emma, some … Continue reading

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How I Got My Credit Card Rights Taken Away

Back around the end of January, when I thought I’d be attending Unity Games 17, I arranged to get in on a game of Planet Steam. This is a game I’d seen played at previous Unity events and had my … Continue reading

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Attachment Leads to Suffering

Nevertheless, I really want one of these.

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Eck Snoogla Auf

Upcoming Lego set #8097. YES.

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