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If You’re Like Me, You’re Pretty Much the Worst Person of All

It hasn’t been great lately for folks like me. It started when Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty Patriarch” and now apparent Serious Theological Figure, spoke at a prayer breakfast in Florida and gave us a bizarre parable about atheists. In … Continue reading

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The Ugly Atheism

Not long ago several people at satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo were murdered by men claiming to be Islamic fundamentalists, offended by the magazine’s anti-Islam cartoons. CNN’s entire website was practically devoted to this one event, hitting every possible angle … Continue reading

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I am a liberal atheist and have still managed to not sleep with anyone other than my wife since I got married. So it can be done.

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Slow Down There, Dr. Salk. You’re Saying Cancer is Bad?

Say, would you like to have cancer? Probably not. Okay, then, not you. Someone else. Your mother, maybe. Would you like mom to get cancer? How about your best friend? Or maybe your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. Let’s give cancer … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s post was a parody of an essay I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, where folks opine that there’s no real such thing as atheists because people who claim to be atheists don’t behave the way that these folks … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe in Christians

I don’t believe in Christians. I mean, I know there are certainly people out there who claim to be Christians, but I don’t think they really mean it. I can say I’m a viking, but that doesn’t make me one. … Continue reading

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