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The Power of Freedom: Iraq by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is a former boardgame artist who switched horses and became a Lego artist. I posted about him on MetaFilter a while back. He’s put out some amazing pieces, and now there is this. It’s called The Power of … Continue reading

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Draw A Bird Day 2012

As you know, today is a very special holiday: Draw a Bird Day! My contribution is this picture of Mojo (a resident of The Suffolk) I drew with the iPad! Have you drawn a bird today? Previous birds: 2011

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Draw a Bird Day

Draw a Bird Day, April 8

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The Tree Has a Valid Question

A while back I mentioned the game party activity, Eat Poop You Cat. While in Louisiana for the holidays, we got two sessions of this going! Click on the strange boy to see the results of the first session, played … Continue reading

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The Art of the Brick

This weekend we went to go see the Art of the Brick exhibit at the Springfield Quad Museums. This is the work of Nathan Sawaya, a full-time artist who makes sculptures in the medium of Lego. You’ve seen his stuff … Continue reading

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A Work of Sacred Art

Inspired by recent events.

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My Audition for FFFFOUND!

Not sure what prompted this, but I made it the other night. Someone upload it to FFFFOUND!

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30 Second Recap Entry

Chris Sims’ Invincible Super-Blog is five! Hooray! As usual he is partly celebrating by holding the 30-Second Recap Contest, in which readers are charged with summarizing a comics story through the magic of crude artwork. I am too late to … Continue reading

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