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Three Years of Cappy

Three years ago (yesterday, actually) we brought home this little guy. He’s the best dog and we love him dearly. Y’all got something to say about pit bulls, come say it to him. And he’ll wag and want you to … Continue reading

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20 Years

Twenty years ago the best thing that ever happened to me happened, and I’ve had some pretty good things happen. Becky, I love you and I’m grateful for you and I don’t know what I’d do without you.

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“First Day of Spring,” My Ass

EDIT: Today marks two years since we brought this little guy home!

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19 Years

That’s how old this photo is!

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Happy Cappiversary!

I missed an important date! March 20th marked the anniversary of the day Cappy came to live with us! (We didn’t officially adopt him until April 4th, but that was just a formality.) He is a big happy friendly lump … Continue reading

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That’s Also Ten Years of “Wolfram and Hart” Jokes

This past Sunday marked my 10-year anniversary at Wolfram. Ten years! I started out writing emails and such, moved to sending emails, moved to pulling email lists, and now I work on the data warehouse team, writing queries and reports. … Continue reading

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Sixteen Candles

Sixteen years ago I stunned the world by somehow being able to snag the bestest woman ever for myself! And I’ve somehow managed to hang on to her! This is actually a pretty significant anniversary as far as I’m concerned, … Continue reading

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15 Years!

Today is our fifteenth anniversary! Wow! Fifteen! I’m a very lucky guy! I love you, honey!

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