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“First Day of Spring,” My Ass

EDIT: Today marks two years since we brought this little guy home!

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Happy Cappiversary!

I missed an important date! March 20th marked the anniversary of the day Cappy came to live with us! (We didn’t officially adopt him until April 4th, but that was just a formality.) He is a big happy friendly lump … Continue reading

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That’s Also Ten Years of “Wolfram and Hart” Jokes

This past Sunday marked my 10-year anniversary at Wolfram. Ten years! I started out writing emails and such, moved to sending emails, moved to pulling email lists, and now I work on the data warehouse team, writing queries and reports. … Continue reading

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15 Years!

Today is our fifteenth anniversary! Wow! Fifteen! I’m a very lucky guy! I love you, honey!

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