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Wretched Hives of Scum and Allergy

Remember last year, when I got that bizarre allergy attack? It started with red spots around my eyes, and the next day my face was swollen and my whole body itched. Welp, it happened again. Honestly, it never completely went … Continue reading

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I’m Not Yet Old Enough to be Taking Five and a Half Pills Every Day.

In the last episode of Allergy Squad! a battery of three different antihistamines had failed to stop the chronic urticaria (recurring hives). They’d checked for food allergies and ran some blood tests, but nothing popped up as a cause. The … Continue reading

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I’m Not Allergic to Barley

Remember that weird allergic reaction I had a while back? The swelling went away after a few days, but the hives lingered for weeks. I’d just be sitting here and suddenly bam, my upper arm or stomach would just break … Continue reading

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