This Used to Be the Future: Table of Contents

Big House of Space! (Mystery in Space #3) — Can innocent man Bruce Trendon clear his name and save his skin in the interplanetary clink for the worst of the worst?

Honeymoon in Space (Mystery in Space #16) — Ann and Lary have won a dream honeymoon in the stars, but their romantic getaway is threatened when Lary starts acting strange…

Robot Hater! (Tales of Suspense #3) — You — that’s right, YOU! — are an intolerant bigot who hates robots! How do you deal with the fact that roboculturalism is everywhere?

The Second Deluge (Strange Adventures #1) — Somehow the plan to bring rain by exploding hydrogen bombs in the atmosphere has gone horribly wrong!

The Trojan Whale of Space (Mystery in Space #76) — A space scientist is kidnapped by the evil Ggrend. The rescue involves a whale of a solution!

The Price of Peace! (Strange Adventures #14) — Earth is at war against a foe so dangerous that Admiral Rael MacAdams must use the controversial “Stratagem Seven” against them! Has he gone too far?

Mail Rider to the Stars! (Mystery in Space #42) — To get Evin his letter from space school, Mailman Ed Cameron must face black holes, alien attackers, and a dreaded unicorn shark!

Captain Baboon’s Space-War! (Mystery in Space #68) — A spaceship lands on Earth with a baboon as a pilot — and does that baboon have a story to tell!

The New Year’s Eve of 2000 A.D.! (Mystery in Space #38) — Can one man stop the turn of a new year, century, and millennium from being sabotaged by Martians?

Dead Reckoning! (Space Adventures #11) — A cop in a dead-end job meets a doll in a dead-end marriage. Are they each others’ dream — or nightmare?

Rip Van Winkle of Space (Mystery in Space #27) — A space traveler from 1960 is rescued to discover 100 years have gone by! But is that enough time to escape his shadowy past?

What Is This Space? (Space Adventures #7) — When Commander Din fails to fire on an enemy vessel, he’s marooned as a traitor. What he doesn’t expect is to be rescued…by the enemy!

Zeppi-Zo — Interplanetary Clown! (Mystery in Space #101) — In a future dominated by clown-based entertainment, two shady hustlers come up with a scheme to capitalize on the memory of one of the most beloved showman of all time. But will their scheme backfire on them?

The Secret Story of Ray-Gun 64! (Mystery in Space #5) — The previously unknown history of the gun that made Earth the dominant force in the galaxy!

Deadly Prey!/The Survivors (Space Adventures #54) — Twin tales of brave male space explorers encountering mysterious, possibly dangerous alien beings!

The Return of the Conqueror (Strange Adventures #40) — Erik Brandon just can’t stop conquering planets! But can he conquer…his heart?

Sirens of Space! (Strange Worlds #5) — Dave Kenton of the Star Patrol has to go after a band of gorgeous women whose song means peril to all who hear it!

War Lords of the Moon (Planet Comics #1) — Spurt Hammond…stop laughing, that’s his name…must defend Earth from the schemes of the Lunerzons, warrior women on the Moon!

The Boomerang World! (Mystery in Space #30) — Can Orton Boone save precious space fuel — oh, and a bunch of people — from a doomed planet he can’t even land on?

The Comet Peril! (Mystery in Space #30) — In 1986, a strange force emanating from Halley’s Comet is pulling Earth out of its orbit!

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