The Case Files of Interplanetary Insurance, Inc.

Interplanetary Insurance, Inc. (Mystery in Space #16) — Meet Bert Brandon, top agent for Interplanetary Insurance, Inc.!

The Thought Pirate! (Mystery in Space #17) — Bert Brandon is captured by pirates! How can a simple insurance agent defeat these scoundrels?

The Runaway World! (Mystery in Space #18) — Bert Brandon is a pretty clever guy, but can he save an entire planet from destruction?

The Robot Detective of Mars (Mystery in Space #19) — It’s man vs. machine as Bert and a Silicon Sleuth try to solve a murder mystery!

Interplanetary Insomnia, Inc.! (Mystery in Space #20) — Bert has to help a writer with a movie script…by making him go to sleep!

Rocket-Race Jockey! (Mystery in Space #21) — Can Bert Brandon help a rocket racer win, despite her nefarious opponents?

Rescue Through the Fourth Dimension! (Mystery in Space #22) — Time is running out for a kidnapped prince who is relying on a fantastic machine to save him!

The Living Camera! (Mystery in Space #23) — For a change, Bert has to give money to a client, but the guy won’t take it, so absurd measures must be taken.

Duel in the Stars! (Mystery in Space #24) — Bert Brandon tries to prevent a duel from being fought, but ends up involved in two of them himself!

The Explosive Man! (Mystery in Space #25) — Someone is blowing up things insured by III…and that someone is Bert Brandon!

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