Space Cabby Sunday: Table of Contents

Space-Taxi! (Mystery in Space #21) — First appearance of Space Cabby!

Hitchhiker of Space! (Mystery in Space #24) — Space Cabby has trouble getting to Jupiter!

Mystery of the Counterfeit Space Cabby! (Mystery in Space #26) — Space Cabby and Space Cabby team up to go after a crook!

Interplanetary Parcel of Peril! (Mystery in Space #27) — Space Cabby has to keep cool to prevent a mysterious package from exploding!

Space-Flight to Danger! (Mystery in Space #28) — Crooks are clearly after Space Cabby…but why?

The Robot Without a World! (Mystery in Space #29) — Can Space Cabby help a robot who doesn’t know where he came from or where he wants to go?

The Robinson Crusoe of Space! (Mystery in Space #30) — Oh no! Space Cabby is emitting deadly radiation! Will he be exiled from humanity for the rest of his life?

Search for the Space Sparklers! (Mystery in Space #31) — Space Cabby finds a fortune in diamonds — only to have to chase it across the universe!

The Pea-Pod Planet! (Mystery in Space #32) — How can Space Cabby find the one guy who can save Earth from doom — when the members of his race all look identical?

Interplanetary Safari! (Mystery in Space #33) — Space Cabby goes big-game hunting in the asteroids!

Dangerous Journey to Earth! (Mystery in Space #34) — While transporting a passenger with a mysterious invention, Space Cabby must handle a variety of exotic threats!

Secret of the Cabby’s Medallion! (Mystery in Space #35) — Space Cabby fails his space-driving test, losing his license, his job, and presumably his name!

The Expanding Space-Taxi! (Mystery in Space #36) — How does Space Cabby handle his cab growing…and growing…and growing!?

One-Way Ride to Eternity! (Mystery in Space #37) — Space Cabby has never broken a space law, but now he must — to save his life!

Trail of the Glowing Atoms! (Mystery in Space #38) — Can Space Cabby find a gang of crooks who have sabotaged his space taxi?

Through the Time Barrier! (Mystery in Space #39) — Space Cabby travels in time from the future to…well, see for yourself.

Interplanetary Speedway! (Mystery in Space #40) — It’s man versus machine as Space Cabby races against a seemingly unbeatable piloting computer!

The Anti-Gravity Man! (Mystery in Space #41) — Space Cabby has to deal with a passenger who repels the force of gravity!

Follow the Space-Leader! (Mystery in Space #42) — A trip through the back-roads of space becomes a deadly game of cat-and-mouse for Space Cabby!

Menace of the Space-Nectar! (Mystery in Space #43) — The taste sensation that’s sweeping the galaxy becomes a serious problem for Space Cabby!

Riddle of the Glowing Space-Cabby! (Mystery in Space #44) — A mysterious malady prevents Space Cabby from ever leaving his space cab!

The Luxury Limousine of Space! (Mystery in Space #45) — A breathtaking new cab for Space Cabby! Is it a dream come true…or a nightmare?

Search for a Star! (Mystery in Space #46) — Space Cabby meets his cinematic hero! But can he rescue the movie legend in time?

The Riddle of the Rival Space Cabbies! (Mystery in Space #47) — It’s three times the Space Cabby — and three times the headaches! Final Mystery in Space issue!

The Evolution of Space Cabby! — A look at Space Cabby’s appearances since 1958!

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  1. blathering says:

    Space cabbie needs to lay off all the mentoplasty. His chin looks different in each episode.