I Crack Me Up

Because of work, in lieu of actual content, you get chat transcripts worthy of Oscar Wilde himself.

11:17:51 [roomtemp] instead i get to think about buzzwords to use when describing the office space in the proposed museum of m_______ history!

11:18:33 [roomtemp] must be suitably impressive but not too much sugar for a dime.

11:20:06 [legomancer] “glorious”, “acoustically sound”, “gravity-enabled”, “Euclidean”, “chi-propelling”

11:20:40 [legomancer] i’ll give you a shiny nickel if you put in Euclidean

11:22:41 [legomancer] you could also take the opposite route: “As my eyes gazed upon the cyclopean space, the eldritch carpeting spread before me like a hymn from the tongues of the damned, my brain recoiled in horror-filled rejection of its insane, non-Euclidean walls and furniture…”

11:29:14 [roomtemp] heh … the sad thing is, i probably could slip a few of those terms past ye powers that beee.

11:32:40 [legomancer] “non-antimatter”

11:53:24 [legomancer] “features the same types of protons, neutrons, and electrons used in the Louvre!”

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One Response to I Crack Me Up

  1. Chris Allen says:

    How funny, we actually had someone post a picture of C’thulu here at work today. Of course work is making videogames, so yeah, take it with a grain of salt.