America is a Nation of Cowards

Following the horrific attacks in Paris on Friday, the United States has responded the way the world has come to rely on the USA responding: losing their absolute shit. The bodies were still on the Parisian ground when outraged Americans demanded the bombing of someone, anyone, in response to this atrocity.

It was nice to see the US claiming to care about another country, especially France, which seemed to earn our eternal scorn after they declined to follow our idiot marching band into Iraq in 2003. Of course, nobody actually cares about France, and it could have been any white country, so long as it helped us sing another refrain of “all Muslims are bad”.

We of course got to hear about how this wouldn’t have happened at all if Parisians walked around with guns all the time, and how we need to do something in Syria now, but since we’re already bombing the shit out of Syria and the NRA doesn’t fund French politicians, there really wasn’t much there to gain any traction. What we instead decided to focus on is how the US needs to not accept Syrian refugees.

I know that not everyone is sitting in front of a computer 10 hours a day and trying to keep up with events. Even people who are have a hard time following what’s going on in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. So I don’t expect that everyone would know that the war in Syria is pretty much being fueled by the US already, that the refugees are trying to escape radical jihadists who want to kill them, that they literally have no “home” to go back to, since there’s a proxy WWIII going on, with everyone joining in, in their own country. All they know is some Muslims want into the US and since all Muslims are hell-bent on destroying our freedoms, they need to be stopped.

A number of idiot state governors, having noted that the bar for being considered presidential candidate material these days is at an all-time low, decided to spice up their resumes by declaring that their states wouldn’t accept refugees. I’m ashamed to say that my own governor, Charlie Baker of “liberal” Massachusetts, is one of these clowns. They don’t actually have the power to do this, but that’s beside the point. In addition, the attention-whoring collective ironically called “Anonymous” has declared war on ISIS, which means you can expect a giant leak of the jihadists’ nude selfies any day now.

It’s so strange to me that a country which constantly presents itself as an ass-kicking, fearless, straight-talking juggernaut of swaggering he-man power is always so quick to wet its pants and cry for daddy when there’s any sign of trouble. LET’S ROLL! NO FEAR! COME AND TAKE IT! THESE COLORS DON’T RUN! but then “oh no I have to make sure my kids are safe from Syrian refugees”. The same patriots who have thirty-two semiautomatic rifles to resist the UN and Obama is terrified to let this bunch into the country:

This same crowd was yelling “ALL LIVES MATTER” not too long ago, and yet now it seems like eh, maybe some lives don’t matter too much after all.

Actually, the most insulting argument I’ve heard against allowing in refugees is “we have our own homeless we need to take care of”. The people resorting to this have never given a fig about America’s homeless, and aren’t about to start. It’s the “it’s a mental health issue” of this discussion, a content-less vapidity designed to simply make the discussion itself go away. We as a country have gotten quite good at identifying the true source of problems as other problems that we also don’t plan on addressing.

Conservatives (and others) used to love to refer to America as a “shining city on a hill”, bringing the good news of freedom and democracy to all. But now apparently that hill needs to be raised, fortified, and wrapped in barbed wire to keep a handful of militant lunatics from reducing it to ashes overnight.

The point that ISIS wants us to treat the refugees (and all other Muslims) like garbage because it furthers their goals, is valid yet unimportant. It requires one to actually think about the scope of the situation and carefully consider actions instead of just yelling “BOMBS AND GUNS! BORDER WALLS! NO MORE MOSQUES!” Even the evidence that the “Syrian” passports dropped by the French attackers were fakes designed to spur this exact reaction won’t stop most Americans from following the exact script ISIS wants. We’ve been dancing to the tune whistled by Al-Qaeda for over a decade and there’s no reason to stop now. It also doesn’t matter because there’s no way to defeat this paranoia and xenophobia. Establishing that the Paris terrorists were born in Europe simply solidifies the idea that we should keep all Muslims out, because none of them can be trusted.

And how is France, the direct victim of Friday’s attack handling the Syrian refugees? They’re continuing to bring in 30,000 of them.

Who are the real “surrender monkeys”, America?

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