I Played That! #34: RPG Potpourri (PC)

A bunch of RPGs I played that I don’t really have much to say about, but wanted to include:

MegaTraveller 1: The Zhodani Conspiracy: Science fiction RPGs were rare, and I tended to grab and want to love whichever ones I found. I remember this one being really unintuitive with its controls and pretty hard. Unsurprising, as it was based on the tabletop RPG most known for allowing your character to be killed as you were rolling it up.

Dragon Wars: A fantasy RPG with an anti-nukes theme. In it, cities have towers with dragons imprisoned in them so if the city is attacked, the dragon can provide Mutually Assured Destruction. It used the paragraph system where, to save space on disk, long bits of text were printed in the manual and you’d read them there. Let me know if you also need “the manual” explained to you.

The Summoning: More of an action game than an RPG, as I recall. I also recall it being hard as hell. I don’t think I ever completed it, in fact, despite multiple attempts.

Tunnels and Trolls: In my attempt to find a really good RPG, I bought this. Hoo-boy, it was not what I was looking for.

Sentinal Worlds: Future Wars: This sure looks a lot like Mega Traveller. I only barely remember this one.

Circuit’s Edge: This was a graphical adventure made by Infocom in its later days. It was adult, as it talked about prostitutes and sex and murder and such. The game was based on the book When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger, a cyberpunk story taking place in a Middle-Eastern community in a future with the Islamic world ascendant. It’s a novel and interesting setting, and I was intrigued enough to buy and read the book, which I liked.

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