I Played That! #32: Spelunker (C64)

Honestly I don’t remember a whole lot about this Commodore 64 game. I believe I got it towards the end of my time with the C64, so it didn’t get as much play as some others, but I really enjoyed it. It made enough of an impression that when I first dipped my toe into C64 emulation on the PC, one of the goals was to get this game working. That goal was never met and I never really went further into emulation.

Spelunker is a game in which you’re trying to get to a treasure at the end of an enormous cave system while being hassled by enemies, including a g-g-g-ghost. You have a limited air supply and few places to refill, plus there are other hazards. It’s notoriously hard, and I’m pretty sure I never got very far into it. Apparently jumping at exactly the wrong pixel can be hazardous. I’m amazed I enjoyed that.

As I say, I never found a way to play this post-1986, but there’s a sort of modern-day equivalent, Spelunky, available on PC and consoles. It keeps a similar theme, though it’s a little more forgiving (I got pretty far into Spelunky on the PC.) It has the procedural level generation that is all the rage now, so it also shares some genetic material with Rogue.

Nevertheless, every now and then I still think about trying to get C64 emulation running and trying to get hold of this game (and others). Not enough to actually do it, but it’s enough that I thought about it.

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