My Tweek on Twitter

What I did on Twitter, since the last one of these posts.


* the backlash backlash has begun

* and this was BEFORE the “clock truthers” showed up

* politics!

* “what is even next, Shias and Sunnis having beef?”

* I don’t even remember the context for this

* not even an unusual one

* a new classic

* this was Becky’s joke I stole

* took me a long time to realize this

* block this idiot

* spoiler: all of them are bullshit

* ain’t been beat yet

* had to sit on this joke for months

* the best

* note this is from AUGUST

* honestly “beta” is several places ahead of where I figured I was

* yes

* this one is v. subtle

* they wouldn’t fight each other tho, I think they’d get along

* also has no hair

* RT of the year

* seriously block this jerk

* not just grocery stores too

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