And No, My Eyes Didn’t Actually Bleed

It’s been a while since I regaled you all with what I call an “Esthela Post,” in which I mostly share the minutiae of my life with you. So here you go, lucky lucky you!

First things first. I would like to thank each and every one of you who has donated to Relay for Life. I really appreciate it. If you’d like to donate and you like Becky more than you like me, you can donate to her here.

John C. suggested that the Thing might not be the best spokeshero against cancer, and said I should go with someone hotter. So I tried a Wonder Woman based image, but I’m not sure it really works:

(Yeah it’s an Alex Ross image I stole. I wanted a good one, but didn’t have time to go hunting around.)

So anyway, thanks to all of you who have donated so far.

This weekend was graduation, so Becky’s officially done for the semester. Woot! She celebrated by putting on her ass-kicking pants and painting the guest bedroom:

That photo makes it look pinker than it actually is. It’s more of a peachish color. While she was doing that, I was sorting Legos in my new storage solution:

I also played a lot of Diablo 2 while she was off at graduation ceremonies. A LOT of Diablo 2. As in, until my eyes started bleeding. I might need to take a little break from that, but dammit, I just need a Ral rune!

This weekend we also thought about going to go see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but then we thought about it again and got ice cream instead. It’s not that we’ve only heard bad things about it, but the good things we’ve heard just aren’t that good. I like the books, sure, and I liked the BBC TV series, but never really felt like I needed to see a big-budget special-effects adventure extravaganza based on it. We’ll probably catch it on DVD.

We’re getting ready for the arrival of Becky’s folks tomorrow, and we’re planning a brief trip up to Portland at the end of the week. However, their visit doesn’t interfere with out plans to attend a midnight screening of this low-budget, indy film on Wednesday night called Revenge of the Sith.

Speaking of which, the release of the final chapter in the Star Wars saga is not just an occasion for celebration for fans like myself. This is also a moment in the sun for all you people who don’t like Star Wars to loudly proclaim how much you hate it! And remember, it’s not just enough to say you don’t like Star Wars and won’t see the movie, and it’s not even enough to belittle those who do. To score the really big points, you should express your dislike for Star Wars as though it never even occurred to you that anyone liked it. Annoyance at the number of fans is pretty passe, the new hotness is feigning surprise that there were ever fans in the first place.

To close out on a positive geek note, we also watched the latest Doctor Who episode this weekend, “Father’s Day.” And I can honestly say I have never seen that level of emotion in a Doctor Who episode before. It was really really well done. To say the show has vastly exceeded my expectations isn’t much; I wasn’t expecting a lot. But it continues to impress, surprise, and entertain me week after week.

Back to work now…that Perl isn’t going to master itself!

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