TopatoCon 2015!

This weekend was TopatoCon, a convention started by the good folks at TopatoCo, a sort of consortium of webcomics (and other) creators. What’s more, it took place right here in my area code!

I went by on Saturday and saw all kinds of folks! There were no fewer than FOUR previous Space Cabby artists there: Catie Donnelly, Jordan Witt, Sean Wang, and Matt Lubchansky. I finally met Karla Pacheco, who had a machine that dispensed terrible magnets. My prize:

I bought a bunch of books, naturally.

There was another one I was going to get but the artist was at lunch and then I forgot to go back afterwards! Boo.

The sticker (one of a few) and skull sigil was from Cohen. The skull was a mystic totem he used to tell my fortune, a dark thread of future possibilities involving spiders. He also sold me my new favoritest shirt ever:

There were also some tabletop game folks there with a lot of nice looking games. I demoed a two-player game called RESISTOR_ from Cardboard Fortress Games, which I ended up buying a copy of.

The con was for two days. I went on Saturday and hung out a bit and then naturally my brain said, “there are people you know here and maybe you could talk to and hang out with them and that would be okay except what if they only barely tolerate you and are really just here to see each other and you’re just kind of wasting space and what would you say anyway probably something dumb and maybe you should just go home and play videogames instead and not leave the house again”

So that happened, and it was not great.

But I got some videogames played, I guess.

At any rate, I was glad to spend the time there I did spend and see the people I did see. As always, I wish I had flipped through and bought more books. A huge thanks to the organizers for setting up this sort of thing in our corner of the state, and also to the creators who made the trek out here, I hope it all went well, and I’m definitely down for future TopatoCons!

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