Space Cabby by Rusty Shackles

Rusty Shackles doesn’t do commissions. What he does do are amazing retro-gaming-inspired pieces. Check out his Insert Quarter Bin and PalletteSwap prints at his site, which you can buy! (Rumor has it a gaming property especially beloved by me will be making an appearance at some point!) So if Rusty isn’t on the commish tip, how to explain the sweet-ass Rat Fink Space Cabby he drew me? Well, some say that if you perform a certain ritual on a certain night of the year involving certain metal albums and Hong Kong action movies, you can bind Rusty to do your will for a brief period of time. I am neither confirming nor denying this, but I will admit that I know his True Name.

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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