My Tweek on Twitter

What I did these past two weeks on Twitter, part of a balanced breakfast.


* So tired of this discussion.

* lol nerds

* Demi for president

* Placeholder for a future blog rant

* Stellar RT

* This one blew up which is nice but I have a nagging feeling I’ve seen someone else do it before?

* I’ve continued to do this over and over.

* my standard policy.

* I need to actually photoshop this even though maybe four people will get it

* makes u think

* jk I don’t like it

* I love Hope Jobs Cash jokes

* see?

* want to hear it right now

* quality

* I sing it quietly, in my head

* I’m sorry but this is hilarious

* you’d think we’d be more worried about this supernatural event happening again

* my goodness how many will he eat

* hahaha a joke album how hilarious

* the hell with all of you, this is funny in at least two different ways

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