My Tweek on Twitter

What I did these past two weeks on Twitter, the Facebook of Tumblr.


* Lol

* He just doesn’t have a very good track record

* Let the President talk to him

* He’s neither your lover nor your friend. You can’t even comprehend what he is.

* RT of the week. This is one of my all-time favorites.

* “people who are friends all like exactly the same stuff, right?”

* Jesus, the linked article here

* I did a brief hashtag game. This was the best one.

* second best one

* I get all my news on Twitter

* jk I use it all the time

* ‘Identity Crisis’ is super terrible is the joke here

* I’d do it for much less

* The people who will line up for ‘Punch of the Superheroes’ heard about a bad movie

* the beauty of this joke is that even if you get it, it’s garbage

* Another MVP tweet that showed up in my TL again

* I wonder how long it will take for one to kill someone

* this is the absolute truth

* yet another all-time fave

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