Comics I Read: HeroesCon Edition

It’s been a month since HeroesCon, where I bought some comics! And now I have them read. Here’s what I thought of them!

The Wicked and the Divine (Book 1: The Faust Act) (McKelvie, Wilson, Cowles, Image) – I’ve heard a lot of buzz on this one, and I don’t think I read any McKelvie stuff before, so I gave it a shot. It’s an interesting premise, a story of random gods manifesting themselves as current pop stars for a brief span of mortality. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous, and it has some great moments, but I pretty much couldn’t stand every single character on the page.

Copra: Round One (Fiffe, Bergen Street Press) – Nearly everyone I know has raved about this, but I was hesitant, as I was getting a vibe off it that it wouldn’t be a thing for me. But then someone else pitched me on it and assuaged my fears, so I headed over to Michel Fiffe’s table and bought it. He’s a super-nice guy and we had a great conversation and I was glad to be buying work from such a dude. The thing is, though, I was right. This is just not a thing for me, though I can definitely see why it appeals to those it does. If you like action comics, fights, and tons of wild superpowered characters, by all means check out Copra.

Trees (Book 1: In Shadow) (Ellis, Howard, Image) – I found this for cheap, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have grabbed it. I’m not a big fan of Warren Ellis’ comics. The premise interested me: an “invasion” of huge extraterrestrial structures called “Trees” that stand over various places on Earth and…seemingly do nothing. What if the invaders don’t care about humanity at all and don’t even see them as anything to have to interact with? How these things affect the locations and people around them differently is a great idea, and Ellis tackles it in a solid, mature way. This is one I am going to stick with.

Wild Dog 1-4 (Collins, Beatty, DC) – Found all 4 issues cheap. Uhhh, no, not really for me.

Saga of the Swamp Thing (Book 1) (Moore, Bissette, Totleben, DC/Vertigo) – Nope, had never read any of Alan Moore’s seminal run on Swamp Thing, except for one story in one of those DC Best Comics of the Year digests. Now I know what all the fuss is about. “The Anatomy Lesson”, which I’d long heard referred to in reverent tones is amazing, at once “rebooting” the character while staying true to its horror comics origins. Even the fact that these stories are obviously still working with plot threads from previous issues doesn’t prevent this from being an excellent starting point. Moore may be a cranky weirdo these days, but the guy knows his way around a story.

Russian Olive to Red King (Immonen, Immonen, AdHouse) – Everyone was talking about this positively, and I decided to take a gamble. What a gorgeous book. The art, the words, the story, it’s a heartbreakingly beautiful work about what happens when the person you love, the person you depend on the most just to get through the day, just isn’t there anymore. To say too much about the contents would rob the reader of discovering them herself. This is one of the best of the year, and worth your time.

Sex Criminals (Book 1: One Weird Trick) (Fraction, Zdarsky, Image) – Chip Zdarsky is funny as hell, and Matt Fraction is no slouch, yet I hadn’t yet bitten at this book by the two of them for some reason. They were both at Heroes and their stuff was everywhere, yet I still found this one in a box of cheap trades and considered it a major score. The book is hilarious and odd, yet also very human and warm, despite the fact that it travels all over the landscape of its subject matter. It’s funny and, yes, sexy, but where a lot of creators would be content to stop there, it actually delivers far more. I’m along for the ride now.

ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times (MacLean, Dark Horse) – I like post-apocalyptic stuff so hey, this seemed like a good buy. (In fact, I only hesitated because I thought I might have already ordered it online.) There’s a lot of familiar ground here: person who’s managed to survive against odds due to crazy weapon skills, searching for something of great power connected with the “What Happened”, and an animal sidekick. The general storyline, while nothing particularly fresh (despite an interesting reveal towards the end), is still a quick, pleasant read with appealing art.

That’s the HeroesCon batch, but more are on their way soon! Comic books!

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