I Played That! #20: Rockstar (PC)

I have NO idea where I got this. Probably downloaded from a BBS or something. Rockstar was from Wizard Games, obviously in England, and was hilarious. In it, you were an up-and coming musician who had to gig, release records, sign contracts, and live the rock star life on your way to multiplatinum rock god status. Along the way you dealt with drugs, bad reviews, and various other ills. Thankfully your manager, Dodgy Sam, is there to help you out.

Rockstar was powered strictly by ASCII graphics, but they did a lot with it. Almost too much, as the interface was rather loud and busy. It was loads of fun to play. You got to name your band and your records (usually something horrible) and figure out what your best move was at any time. You had to navigate both the menu and British slang. Along the way you were offered drugs, which could give you a creative jolt, but came at a cost of addiction and other effects. LSD would cause the screen to freak out at inopportune times and heroin was an instant addiction from the first moment you tried it.

It wasn’t easy. Even if you avoided drugs, the constant schedule of touring and releasing would exhaust you, and vacations are nice, but they cost money you probably don’t have. The public was fickle and even a smash hit single didn’t guarantee you a smooth ride. Failure didn’t usually mean giving up your dreams and punching a clock in the mundane world, but death. Still, I did manage to become a superstar a few times.

You can still find Rockstar lurking around in a few places but without one of those programs to considerably slow your computer down, it’s impossible to play. If no one has, someone should really make an app version of it. It was quite a fun little game.

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