Space Cabby by Matt Lubchansky

There are people you follow on Twitter because you think they’re funny. And sometimes you joke back and they fave your tweet and you’re like “omg this funny person liked my joke!” And then you get the blessed RT on a joke from them. And then…they follow you. And you just can’t believe it. This may or may not have been my timeline with Matt Lubchansky. Maybe I’m just, you know, spinning hypotheticals here.

Anyway, Matt was doing some commissions and well, you know how that story goes. Matt may not have been completely familiar with the source material, but forgetting he’s wearing a space helmet and smashing coffee into it? That’s definitely something Space Cabby would do.

Where else can you see Matt’s comics? Well, there’s his webcomic, “Please Listen To Me”, and his Tumblr. He does comics for The Nib and The Toast. And you can buy comics such as “Swole” and “New Amsterdam Mystery Company” from his shop.

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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