One Month Later, I Finished the First Week of C25K

Remember when I got it into my head that I was going to do Couch to 5K? Well, after only four weeks, I’ve completed the first week. How does my math there work out?

If you recall, day one of C25K ended with me sawing my own legs off so I wouldn’t have to do it again. I knew I was out of shape, but I didn’t realize how out of shape. So I decided that for the rest of the week, rather than do the official session of walk/jog I’d just walk for 30 minutes, in order to just get my stamina up. I figured if I couldn’t do just walking, adding jogging or running to the mix was pointless.

Speaking of mixes, to help me with this I selected 50 or so songs that were all five minutes in length (plus or minus five seconds) and put them in a playlist. Six songs and I’m done. Some of them I probably should have thought about before adding.

That first week, even just the 30 minutes of real walking was rough, and I didn’t finish at least one of them. So I kept doing that the second week.

Finally on week three I was ready to give the real program a try again. Wolfram Alpha, the world’s premier computational knowledge engine, please tell the good folks what the weather was like on June 1st.

It was FIFTY FOUR DEGREES. AND RAINING. And you know what? I got my butt out there anyway and tried. But it was more than I could deal with and I only did about 2/3 of a session.

On Wednesday and Friday I tried again and lo, I succeeded! I did the first two sessions completely! Didn’t skip any of the “let’s jog!”s and didn’t quit early. My playlist actually worked great because the way the first week is structured, five minute intervals are built in.

Oh, my legs weren’t happy about those two days, but I did them. However, to stay on track with the weekly program, I went ahead and started over this week. And completed it this morning.

Now, let’s not overstate the accomplishment here. Each day of week one is walking, interrupted by eight one-minute slices of jogging. That’s it. I was able to jog for a minute, 24 times, over five days. I still have a ways to go. The important thing for me is that I’ve stuck with it. I’m not quite enjoying it, but I can’t say I don’t look forward to it. There’s a nice sense of accomplishment afterwards, and for something I don’t normally do.

Week two is similar, but the jog bursts are a little longer. Pretty sure I can do it.

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