The “PS” Stands for “Prodigal Son”

My first console (not counting a cheap Pong unit) was a Sony PlayStation I got somewhere in the mid-90s. I was tired of the endless upgrade cycle for PC games, and for that matter I was tired of PC games in general. At the time this was an easy decision to make, as my friend Chris had a PS so I’d be able to borrow games. When the PS2 debuted, it was also an easy decision, and I upgraded to that. I loved my PS2 and got a lot of play out of it.

However, when I finally decided to make a move for a next generation console, I zagged. The Xbox 360 was the superior choice. My friends were all on Xbox Live (I would only later discover that online play is not really my thing, even with friends), there were games I wanted, it was cheaper, and so forth. And, although I mostly use it to play Fallout and Borderlands, I’ve gotten a lot of play out of it. I never really regretted the switch, even though I lost on of my favorite series, the Ratchet and Clank games.

With Fallout 4 now imminent and only available on next-next-generation consoles, a decision had to be made. And I decided to return to the pastures of my youth.

Once again I fly the House Sony banner, for much the same reasons that I switched to the Xbox before. Nearly everyone I know who was on the Xbox 360 has migrated to the PS4. The consoles made it an easy decision, as the Xbox One made my 360 games useless anyhow. Way to encourage brand loyalty, Microsoft!

It arrived yesterday and I made myself do chores before I could set it up. It was tough getting started because I literally couldn’t find the “on” switch. I was also thrown off by the cable for the controller, not realizing it was only for charging it. Once those bumps were taken care of, I set it up and got on the PSN and subscribed to PSPlus.

It’s taken some getting used to. The menu system is weirdly obtuse and unintuitive. When I was choosing my PSN name it kept telling me that my choices were invalid without giving me any hints as to what constituted a valid one and why my choice was bad. I eventually had to go online to find a guideline for usernames and realized that, by “invalid”, it meant “already taken”. I settled on “davelartigue”.

The controller will also take some getting used to. It’s smaller and lighter than the 360 controllers, and I feel like I’m going to snap it in half. Also the left stick and d-pad have their places swapped from the 360, so I’ll have to re-train that thumb. There is, however, a neat little touchpad on them. I ordered a second controller which hasn’t arrived yet, and I kind of wish I’d held off, because if there are third-party controllers available I might have preferred one of those.

Once everything was in place, I fired up the game I bought with it: Borderlands Handsome Collection (BL2 and BL:TPS in one box). Holy cow the graphics looked AMAZING. I’ve always loved the look of Borderlands and the upgraded graphics really made it shine. I restarted the TPS game I’d been playing on the Xbox as Athena (I’m sorry to lose all my Badass Levels and such on the Xbox, but oh well, I guess I’ll just have to play it more, that’s a huge problem for me) and it helped me get used to the controller some.

I got the system bundled with The Last of Us, which I’ve heard great things about and to play. Someone told me that the bundle is about to change to Some Batman Thing so I jumped on it to get the game I actually wanted. I should probably play that instead of Again Borderlands but look, I just lost all my Badass Levels so cut me some slack. I also bought the enhanced Diablo 3, so as soon as the second controller arrives Becky and I can go crack skulls in there again.

I’m glad to be back where I started, and eager to check out the library of games available to me. What’s more, since our TV has multiple HDMI ports, I still have the 360 plugged into it as well! So it’s the best of both worlds!

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