Twenny Twenny Twenny Four Hours Ago…

This weekend I took the 24 Hour Comics challenge…

…and I succeeded!

Let me tell you, it is tough. I went in with a foolproof plan: (1) Do an anthology and (2) be a crappy artist. Both tactics worked like a charm and it was still tough.

There were ten people at the store, young and old, male and female. Out of those ten, at least four and possibly a fifth finished. Two people came very close (one chose the Gaiman variation of noble failure, submitting her unfinished work.) I didn’t see a lot of the other folks’ work, though the guy next to me had a nice book going on that looked very professional (he does a self-published book).

So anyway, yes, I was successful! I produced a 24-page complete inked anthology comic called, wittily, “Dave Lartigue’s 24-Hour Comics Anthology.” I finished it at 10:15 Sunday morning. The stories in it are:

  • Introduction (and a discussion of other comics I’ve done)
  • The Computer of the Future!
  • Skepticomics
  • Dreamtime
  • The Monosyllabic History of Comics
  • Decision 2008

Right now my book is still at Modern Myths (who were great hosts for the event.) where it will be photocopied and sent to Scott McCloud. I’ll get it back probably later this week. Then I’ll have it scanned and post it up on this site somewhere.

The things I learned:

  • Inking is hard. It just about killed me. My middle finger and thumb (I hold writing implements in a weird way) are still numb and sore from the inking.
  • I need a lot of practice drawing people. My lack of skill there really prevented me from tackling more serious topics.
  • The Thing (from the Fantastic Four) is really freakin’ hard to draw.
  • Although my art talents are questionable, I could be a damn fine letterer if I put my mind to it.
  • I am really interested in improving my cartooning chops.

It was a lotta lotta fun, and I’m already planning on doing it again next year, My goal is to do a full 24-page story with a plot and everything.

Thanks to Jim and Mike at Modern Myths for a great time, to people who wished me luck, and congrats to everyone who succeeded or even just made the attempt!

You know, now that I’ve succeeded at NaNoWriMo and 24HCBD, I think I’m gonna take a crack at the “Neurosurgeon For a Week” event in August…

OH! I forgot to mention! At the tail end of the event, as I was getting ready to go home and crash, I got to meet fellow comics blogger and Springfieldian, Shawn Fumo! Unfortunately I was semi-conscious at the time, so it was a brief meeting, but it was nice to finally see him live and in person!

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7 Responses to Twenny Twenny Twenny Four Hours Ago…

  1. Kurt says:

    W00t! Congrats man. I can hardly wait to see your finished masterpiece. Think I’ll be able to grab it off the P2P networks soon?

  2. Dave says:

    A lot of the stuff is kind of humorous, so it’ll probably be attributed to They Might Be Giants or Weird Al Yankovic.

  3. Nigel says:

    Congratulations man. Some may say you SHOULD not draw, but none can say you DID not draw.

  4. Jim Crocker says:


    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Robot!”

    Congratulations, Dave! ‘Monosyllabic History of Comics’ was a great bit.

    Anyone who wants to see a selection of the comics, they’ll be on display at the store.

    -Jim C.

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