Post-Apocalyptic Massachusetts? But I Already Live in Springfield!

That’s today’s big news. Fallout 4 is on its way. No release date yet, but it’s coming soon.

The rumors were that FO4 would take place in Boston, and the trailer confirms this. At last we in Western Mass will get to live our dream of seeing Boston reduced to smoking rubble. (I kid. Some.) Beyond that, I know nothing.

Well, I do know this. People have been trying to get me to get a PS4 for some time now (the XBox One seems like a lost cause). I’m interested, but have balked.

Until about twenty minutes ago.

Fallout, Borderlands, and Diablo. That’s all a growing boy needs.

(I realize that my stance is a far cry from when Fallout 3 was announced.)

Anyway, I am 100% excited, even surrounded by naysayers:

michaeld [11:34 AM] Fallout 4. I want to want to like it…but it looks like more of the same.

davel [11:36 AM] I’m good with more of the same

davel [11:36 AM] change is bad

davel [11:36 AM] and war

davel [11:36 AM] war never changes

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