Sing Along With the Orphans Black

This weekend we started on season two of Orphan Black, which we’ve been enjoying a lot. It’s got a plot that hums along, not pussyfooting too much about the central mystery of the show but also keeping up the suspense. Tatiana Maslany continues to knock it out the park, giving each clone thoroughly convincing different accents, looks, and mannerisms. The production team also does a great job of integrating the different performances into a seamless whole, selling the multiple roles even more. And of course, everything’s better with a little Matt Frewer.

As with a lot of TV, we tend to watch with subtitles on, and one new feature on the season two DVDs is that they also caption the theme song (composed and performed by “Two Fingers”, a/k/a Amon Tobin). Now we can sing along with it! Here are the lyrics:

Fire this up and sing like nobody’s listening.

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