Making Preparations…

09:45:17 [legomancer] Got my supplies for making my comic book on Saturday

09:46:30 [legomancer] .5 leads for my pencil? check. big eraser? check. brand new spiral-bound notebook? check. I’m playing with power. I’m working like the Pros.

09:54:08 [shasticon] Spiral-bound, eh?

09:54:53 [legomancer] nod

09:55:03 [legomancer] keeps the pages organized

09:55:39 [legomancer] I thought about loose-leaf, but I have to consider the crinkle factor

09:55:58 [shasticon] Plus the little ragged bits when you tear out a page make for good spitballs.

09:57:22 [legomancer] also I went with college-ruled. I know Kirby and Infantino used wide-ruled, but I prefer a tighter page

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One Response to Making Preparations…

  1. Ken Lowery says:

    Clearly you are unaware that professionals such as myself use only .7 pencil lead.