More Like a DREKtop, Right?

Someone on Twitter said, “Who even has icons on their desktop anymore?” So I showed him my desktop:

I knew what would happen and sure enough, within moments my Twitter feed erupted into spasms of “OH GOD!”, “HOW CAN YOU…?”, “YOU MONSTER!” Several broke out in shakes and aneurysms.

People hate desktops like mine.

They don’t understand how I can work like that. How it doesn’t make me crazy. How I can find anything. The answer is: I hardly ever look at my desktop. I always have apps running. Stuff that I reference frequently is right there. Sitting right there is “digital_comics.txt”, my list of comics I want to buy digitally when they’re available. Yeah, it’s among other icons, but it’s also not buried in a sub-folder somewhere.

My desktop is a giant temp directory. Stuff goes there and sits there until I clean it out, and if I’m not done with something, it doesn’t get cleaned. When stuff gets removed from there it’s either deleted or thrown into archival directories somewhere. This system bother me in the least, and in fact seems more intuitive then for some reason having your main screen be a blank wall between me and my stuff.

Do the clean desktop folks have one of those rooms in their house where the furniture is all covered in plastic and no one’s ever allowed in, like Grandma had? Or separate fridge that no food can go in because it would drive them crazy to look there and see food everywhere? This is a working computer, and my desktop is where work is done, even if that work is creating a picture for Barney Miller Day.

But don’t worry, I’m not a total e-slob. Why, just this morning I tidied up the place:

Isn’t that much better? You could eat off that!

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