Rockin’ Hard in the Back Yard

This weekend we got out in the yard and did some massive clean-up efforts. We’re talking many, many bags worth of leaves and other assorted yard trash packed up. We got leaves raked up, weeds pulled out, dead limbs hacked away, stray brush cleared out, stuff planted, stuff dug up…it was a lot of work, but we had a good time doing it. In addition, I fixed up my bike, Becky repainted our welcome-mat-like-shoe-cleaning-grate by the back door, we bought and assembled a wheelbarrow, and we broke the hose! Also I invented a gadget out of PVC pipe for holding lawn bags open. There are pictures in the photo section.

The MVPs of the weekend were the bear claws. These things kick so much ass that I’m surprised their use isn’t strictly regulated by the U.S. Department of Asskicking. These things allowed us to bag up fifteen bags of leaves in about two hours. I’m not kidding. They’re ten bucks a pair, available here, and totally worth it.

Also, we headed over to Lowe’s and bought a few hundred dollars worth of paving bricks and accoutrement so we can re-do the front walk. As you can see in that picture, the concrete has tilted, causing rain to pool there, rotting away the front porch and, in the winter, creating a skating rink. This project won’t be easy or cheap, but it’ll pay for itself in all the lawsuits we’ll avoid because of it. There will definitely be accompanying photographs when this job is getting done, and we’ll also let people know where to send the “Get Well Soon” cards.

Speaking of Lowe’s, this is off the subject but I need to say it anyway. There’s this weird trend in clothes now: sweatpants with something written across the butt. This started on college campuses, so it’s usually the college name down there. Apparently this fashion has trickled down in a frightening way. And let me just say, there do not need to be clothes whose purpose is to draw my eyes towards the ass of a 10-year old. That’s creepy for everyone involved.

Anyway, back to our story. So, remember those 48 bags of leaves we raked up last fall? We have, in the past couple weeks, raked about 45 more. Only with the bear claws, the job has been much easier.

Our yard looks so much better now. We still have some more to do, but it looks vastly improved since getting all that crud out of there. We celebrated with the first grilling of the season. Mmmm…steaks marinated in tequila-lime marinade.

Here’s some of us in the chatroom discussing lawn care:

10:04:03 [Discordanian] I want grass that grows very thick and soft and grows about 2 inches and then stops.

10:06:24 [legomancer] and also repels leaves

10:07:04 [legomancer] when a leaf or trash falls on it, the blades move it out of the yard, like someone crowdsurfing

10:07:13 [shasticon] That’s what I want, lego.

10:07:20 [shasticon] Especially trash.

10:07:56 [shasticon] I get all kindsa trash thrown in my yard. The beer bottles bug me the most.

10:09:03 [legomancer] nod. if you’re gonna throw beer bottles in my yard (a) make it a decent brand, and (b) leave me a swig or two, thx

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One Response to Rockin’ Hard in the Back Yard

  1. esthela says:

    OK that whole comment about the crowd surfing trash just TOTALLY MADE ME LOL. I scared my cats out of the room. Thank You.