Sunday in the Park With Oisín

This Sunday was the very first walk-a-thon for the Springfield City Library. It was sponsored by the Friends of the Library, which Becky is a member of.

The walk-a-thon took place in Forest Park. It was a gorgeous day for it, and the event was a great success. While Becky worked the registration table


TJ and Mary and I did the walking. There was the short loop (1 mi.) and the long loop extension (.5 mi) and we walked them both twice for a total of three miles.

Along the route there were water stops, face painting, a magician, and so forth. There was also a tent where folklorists and storytellers were spinning yarns. We stopped in and heard the story of Finn McCool and the birth of his son, Oisín. Not only did we listen in, but Springfield Mayor Charlie Ryan attended as well!

On the home stretch I stopped at a table and decided to get me a tattoo done. So now I’m sportin’ some ink on my right arm:

I’m supposed to go back tomorrow and get the tail finished. People need to know that when they step to me, they’re steppin’ to my whole crew.

After finishing the three miles, Becky figured the registration table could spare her, so we went round the short loop again for an extra mile.

Some people might consider that a full weekend, but not us, nosir! We also played some games with Dan and Jen Friday night and we got some errands done, some housekeeping done, and some yard work done. We went up to Northampton, had breakfast at the Sugar Shack, and admired Beth and Mark’s garden. Saturday night we hung out in the backyard drinking margaritas and eating s’mores with Mark and Kristin.

We went out to the recycling center and bought a compost bin made of recycled materials. Becky assembled it and started filling it and soon we’ll have some sweet, sweet compost.


We’ve also gotten about twenty more bags of leaves picked up. These are left over from the fall, and also are part of the ones from the back yard that we didn’t even touch then. Aiding us are our new bear claws, demonstrated above, which are fantastic for picking up leaves. I can’t tell you how much easier the job is with them. Becky edged along the sidewalk, reclaiming a foot of walk from overgrown lawn in some areas.

Finally, after a busy weekend, we pulled the hammock out from storage, set it up, and I invited Becky to take the ceremonial first lounge of the season.

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2 Responses to Sunday in the Park With Oisín

  1. Shawn Fumo says:

    Can you say oblivious? You’d think I’d realize all that was going on when it is literally across the street from my house! ;)

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