I Played That! #6: Meat Puppet (PC)

They’re not all winners.

Meat Puppet seemed like it could be great. An action adventure game in the style of Crusader (which I’ll talk about later) with a cyberpunk theme to it. Alas, it was just awful.

The controls were terrible, the fights were hard without being interesting, requiring constant reloading and cutscene-viewing, and the “mature” sensibility was exactly what you think of when you see the word “mature” used to describe any geek entertainment. Meat Puppet is a dull, disheartening slog through a gray-on-gray humorless world of unpleasant people, set to a droning Nine Inch Nirvana soundtrack.

One thing in its favor is that the protagonist is a woman, which is nice. Unfortunately, that’s almost entirely canceled out by the fact that her name is “Lotus Abstraction”, possibly of the Providence Abstractions. I don’t remember if she’s sexycoolbadass, constantly spouting innuendo and receiving it in kind, but it probably wouldn’t be a bad bet.

I couldn’t find any screenshots that weren’t watermarked by gaming sites, which indicates to me that the only people who have bothered are people who were essentially paid to do so. At some point I did a purge of CDs for games. I seem to have kept games that no longer run on any computer I own but Meat Puppet is gone. It is not available at GOG.com.

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