Our Christian President

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  1. heymondo says:

    OK, Dave. After cleaning up the vomit I just spewed viewing those images, here’s one of my favorite quotes, very applicable in today’s poilitical climate:

    Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca

    When will we grow up? I can respect people who are religious/spiritual if they are respectful of those unlike themselves (and that seems to be a rare gem of a person), but I do think in today’s political arenas, the GOP is, for a lack of a better word, pimpin’ God. They know that these emotion-based faiths (Christian, Muslim, choose your modern day mythology here) produce gullible people wanting structure, and are using it for political gain. The Dems provide no real substance to refute these claims, and tend to chase tangential issues to the point of missing the bigger picture.

    As a political independant, I watch and see the same groupthink processes in action that I saw when I was a part of a really, really bad so-called Xian church. Stressors come, whether they be outside events or leader-conjured, and the group solidifies its belief system, becoming more unified even if that skews reality in their minds to accept what their political leaders dish out. Personally, while I think many people in this countyr would love a Xian theocracy for their love of structure, I see not a land of opportunity these days, but a land of opportunists.

  2. heymondo says:

    Nice April Fool’s background image.

    [blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg! splat!]

    The above is how I think comics should officially designate chuncky vomiting. ;)

  3. Bloom Radio says:

    God do I feel sorry for the dumb schmucks who don’t remember what today’s date is. Those dumb bastards.

    Hey by the way: Seneca founded Stoicism, which for the first half at least of its existence operated as a kind of religion, although more a Unitarian-type of one, i.e. less about God and more about Man. By the time of Marcus Aurelius it had become a Philosophy with a captial P; but before that it was surprisingly dogma-ish. For what it’s worth. Like folks who quote Marx (Jew. Hello.) and the whole opium of the masses thing. Be careful what you make fun of, you might just be pimping it yourself. Marxism (and Stoicism): with its holy books, with its priestly classes, with its Divine Leaders. It’s just possible that religion is a class of what makes humans human, with all the good and bad that that entails. Mostly bad it would seem.

    Fuck bushes and Fuck Bush.