Cappy’s February Frustration

You may have heard that New England has gotten some snow lately. We here in the hinterlands haven’t gotten as much as Boston, but there’s still a good three to four feet in most places with huge drifts as well. We’ve had to rake the roof several times, have the dreaded ice dams wreaking havoc and have been pretty miserable. In addition to the snow and ice it’s also been just plain bitterly cold, with sub-zero temperatures and crazy winds all the time. It’s been pretty miserable for us.

But we have it pretty good because we’re not little dogs who are used to getting walks and running around the yard and getting our ya-yas out. For us, staying indoors and taking it easy is not too much of a problem, but Cappy has energy he needs to burn off.

He hasn’t been able to go for too many walks because even with his coat on it’s very cold. He’s got very little fur to keep him warm and the ice hurts his feet. Plus the snow in the back is past his belly. It’s just miserable for him. What he can do to help use up some energy is tear up boxes, which he loves doing.

The other day Becky got some flowers in a big cardboard box. This weekend Cappy set to work on that box. Here’s the beginning.

He likes to methodically tear bits off and then spit them out. He doesn’t actually swallow any of the cardboard. If he gets off a big piece he’ll sometimes focus on that one until it’s torn up enough. Paws are involved too. He will hold a piece down with his paw and worry it with his teeth. Sometimes he’ll try to do this with a teeny tiny piece that is pretty much completely under the paw.

Here’s the box status as the weekend went on.

He had some help. He likes when someone holds a piece and he has to pull on it to rip it. I usually hold it and he tears bits off (he’s very careful about my fingers!). When the piece gets too small I often toss it in the air for him to jump and catch, which is also fun.

After the box was thoroughly shredded, we picked up the pieces and he proudly posed next to his handwork.

It’s no substitute for a good walk and yard romp, but he enjoys it.

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