Space Cabby by Adam Prosser

When it rains, it pours, and it’s been raining Space Cabbies over here! While showing off my Space Cabby Gallery on Twitter, Adam (Prankster) Prosser said, “Hey, I’d like to get in on that!” And this is what he drew for me!

(click to make megalopolis-sized)

“I’m kind of amazed more people haven’t gone to town on the Space Cab itself,” Adam told me and whoo, he wasn’t kidding. Space Cabby’s trusty vehicle is all tricked out with more jet pods, a sweet engine upgrade under the hood, and stylish chrome. Also fangs! You probably want to let him go in front of you when you get to that asteroid tunnel, lest your space-muffler gets chomped. But Space Cabby! Don’t let your sweet ride distract you from the lady needing a lift!

Adam Prosser is Phantasmic Tales, and his book, Lemuria, can be purchased through Comixology. It’s a fine compendium of swords, sorcery, and sass, and not the usual fantasy stuff. Check it out!

Thanks so much, Adam! I and Space Cabby appreciate his hella sweet-ass new whip!

Are YOU an artist who would like to draw Space Cabby for me? Please let me know!

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