I Had That For A Year

Yesterday’s I Had That is number 52, the last in a weekly series that lasted only a little more than a year, allowing for a couple of missed Sundays. Part of the success of me sticking to the schedule was because although I didn’t have the entries written in advance, I had a list of them all planned out. Some things on the list didn’t make it — I remembered the thing, like the die-cast spaceship above, but there wasn’t much to say about it — and some stuff got added later, usually when something else reminded me of it. It also helped that for some of the entries I re-ran old blog posts that fit in with the concept.

Two things I do a lot on this blog are reminiscing about my past and bitching about nerds, and it’s kind of weird for me to bitch about nerds buying up plastic junk and then me going on for a week about the plastic junk I used to have. I was a kid, and I was not immune to the siren song of stuff. I’m still not completely immune.

Thanks for coming along for this feature, if you did. I got some good feedback about it and I’m glad it resonated with some of you.

I’ll be taking a short break on Sundays and then will return with a similar year-long feature, I Played That!, which will look at computer games from my VIC-20 days until the mid-90s, when I got my first(!) console. (I never owned a Nintendo or Sega, so you won’t be seeing any Zeldas or Marios.) It will probably focus more on the games itself than my memories associated with them, largely because most of those memories will be, “I played this in my dorm room while listening to REM albums” or somesuch.

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