The Devil, You Say?

I got this link from Jerm:

Pet store owner: Satan’s image on turtle’s shell

MICHIGANTOWN, Indiana (AP) — An Indiana pet store owner says he sees the image of Satan on the shell of a turtle that was the only survivor of a store fire in October. The palm-sized red-eared slider turtle, named Lucky, was the only animal to survive the fire at Dora’s A-Dora-ble Pet Shop in nearby Frankfort, about 40 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Owner Bryan Dora now says he sees Satan’s face on the critter’s shell. He can spot lips, eyes, a goatee, shoulders and a pair of pointy horns on Lucky’s back.

“The marking on the shell was like the devil wanted us to know he was down there,” Bryan Dora said. “To me, it’s too coincidental that the only thing to come out unscathed would have this image on it.”

Try as I might, I can’t see the image there. I even blew it up and I still can’t figure out what this guy’s talking about.

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10 Responses to The Devil, You Say?

  1. Jeff says:

    Part of the devil’s clever plan is that only certain people can spot demon-engraved turtles, and it’s usually only those that no one will believe.

  2. heymondo says:

    Oh, I see it, and it makes me so scared, I need to run awa

    OK, maybe not. This is like the annoying Hail Mary Full of Cheese on ebay. Ever look at the clouds and see a face? It looks less like a devil to me than Yu-gi-oh’s Bad Hair Day.

  3. Rose says:

    Now I want to go into the turtle room and take pictures of mine to see if this is really a trend. But it’s also illegal, as far as I know, to sell red-eared sliders in Indiana, because only turtles that can’t/don’t live in the wild can be sold in a given place. So maybe Satan is here to punish him for being such a wicked petstore owner. Or maybe, I don’t know, the turtle molted like my Foucault always does and looks a little different with all-new scales.

  4. David Thiel says:

    I can see him! I can see him! Actually, he looks a bit like Nancy the Nanny Goat from the old “Sesame Street” cartoon. Or a pissed-off cow.

    Mr. Dora, it is indeed coincidental that the only thing to survive the fire is an animal upon whose back you can, if you squint really hard, connect the dots to reveal the Prince of Darkness.

    If I were Satan, I wouldn’t fuck around with box turtles. The only thing surviving my pet shop inferno would be LOCUSTS! MAN-EATING LOCUSTS! With Bryan Dora’s face on them!

  5. Dave says:

    I can see an upset cow… I’ll highlight it if you want to see the angry cartoon cow. Silly angry turtle cow.

  6. Tom D. says:

    Ha ha ha! I suspect the previous commenters didn’t look at the “blow up” image…

  7. Nigel says:

    I find ample proof of the Devil’s work here. No creature in God’s pure light would ever name a store “Dora’s A-Dora-ble Pet Shop”.

  8. heymondo says:

    OK, so I indeed looked at Dave’s blow-up image. Is that a layered Elmer Fudd in a diaper giving us the bird? Then again, I am blind….. ;)

  9. David Thiel says:

    Okay, I’ll admit that I never clicked on the “blow-up image” ’til now.

    Brian, that character is known as Hot Stuff, the Little Devil. ( He’s part of the Harvey stable of comic book characters. You know the speculation that Casper the Friendly Ghost is really a deceased Richie Rich? Well, Hot Stuff is Richie Rich after he’s gone to HELL! Yes, the Poor, Little, Rich Boy is currently writhing in eternal flames, as befits a decadent capitalist.

    (And, for the record, Baby Huey is Richie Rich once he’s turned into a fat, diaper-wearing duck. But that’s a story for another day.)

  10. Kevin says:

    I think it’s Burger KING! You know “have breakfast with the king.” The horns are his crown! How many pet’s must die for a buck! Owner? Insurance not enough???