1/31 Not Safe

After hearing a lot about it, I backed the new printing of Omen: A Reign of War on Kickstarter. The designer, John Clowdus, is one I’m familiar with, and as I say, the game got good reviews, so it wasn’t the usual unknown Kickstarter quantity. Clowdus kept us informed of the status, including when they shipped, and sure enough I got a shipping notice several days ago.

All looked set for arrival, but when it didn’t show up, I checked again. This time the tracking number that Clowdus had sent, via stamps.com, read “January 31, 2015, 13:11, SPRINGFIELD, MA 01108, UNDELIVERABLE AS ADDRESSED”. I was confused by this, as the address Clowdus had for me was correct. I’d been at home all day on January 31, and no one had knocked on the door or anything.

Yesterday I called the USPS and went through their automated system to schedule a redelivery. The package, a 6″ x 10″ bubble envelope, arrived today as I requested. And now I know the rest of the story, as “1/31 not safe” was written on it.

Now, we’ve gotten some snow here, as you may have heard. Not a crazy amount, but a New England in January amount. I now have a snow blower, and have stayed on top of clearing the driveway, front walk, and sidewalks. There’s ice around, because there’s always ice around, but nothing out of the ordinary for this season. What I’m saying is, my walkway was no more unsafe on Saturday than any other home’s on Saturday, or any other day in January.

What’s more, they didn’t actually leave me any indication that they hadn’t delivered the package. I realize that’s a bit of a paradox, since to leave a note they’d have to cross the unsafe frozen wastes of my sidewalk to tell me they weren’t dropping off a package due to the unsafe frozen wastes of my sidewalk. But that’s kind of their problem to solve, not mine. If the shipper hadn’t sent me the tracking number, I would have no way of knowing that the USPS was not delivering my package.

And Monday, when things were actually worse than Saturday because of currently falling snow, I not only got mail, I got a package from overseas. But not that other package. It didn’t arrive until after I called the USPS on Monday and requested they re-deliver on Tuesday, when it arrived.

So what was the plan here? There’s snow, so just, “Nope! Can’t be done!” and then what? Send it back? “Sorry, but after this traveled hundreds of miles there was some snow in the last couple yards so it’s coming back home.” How does that make any sense? Send me a note at some point saying they have the package that was paid to be delivered to me if I want to come pick it up?

I’m a supporter of the US Postal Service and know they normally do a very good job despite the constant harassment they receive, but this…this is about as weak as it gets, folks.

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