My Movies-to-Watch List for 2015

A year ago I decided to tackle my aversion to movies by creating a list of ten movies I would watch before the end of the year. I sort of failed at that because I only got through six of them, but on the other hand I saw six movies I may not have ordinarily seen, all of which I enjoyed. So that’s a net success! Ergo, I’ve decided to do it again.

I asked for recommendations and even though it’s a pretty broad mandate, that’s fine. What I was looking for were movies where, if someone told you he hadn’t seen it, you’d say, “Dude, you have to see that!” I got a lot of good suggestions and pared them down to ten. And here it is, The Movies To Watch List for 2015

A Night At The Opera (1935) [watched!]
Night Of The Hunter (1955) [watched!]
The Killing (1956) [watched!]
Once Upon A Time In The West (1968) [watched!]
Jaws (1975) [watched!]
All the President’s Men (1976) [watched!]
Five Deadly Venoms (1978) [watched!]
Buckaroo Banzai (1984) – removed, see All the President’s Men
Secret Honor (1984) [watched!]
Blue Velvet (1986) [watched!]
Barton Fink (1991) [watched!]

That list is a mix of classics I’ve not seen, things I’m curious about, genres I don’t know too well, and stuff I’d never heard of that sounded interesting.

This time I didn’t include recent things I’m interested in, like Selma or Edge of Tomorrow or Inherent Vice because I’ll probably end up seeing them anyway, list or no.

Now, I have not abandoned the four (now three) movies I didn’t get to for 2014. Those are still in the queue. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes.

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