Splib Man Is Here!

Behold! And click to enlarge! (My scanner isn’t working right now, so it’s just a digital photo.)

At last my previous life as a comics creator can be revealed. Splib Man was the culmination of a college-age dream to both waste a few minutes AND draw something on half a sheet of torn-out notebook paper!

Of course, the purity of the Splib Man idea was tainted by Marvel’s insistance on big-name guest stars to boost crossover appeal. Alas, before Splib Man could really carve out a niche for himself, he became a casualty of Marvel’s aggressive over-expansion at the time. The Wolverine team-up referred to at the end of this issue never actually took place.

However, rumors abound that Brian Bendis has expressed interest in reviving the character. There’s also the persistant stories of Hollywood interest in the property (first, Steven Spielberg reportedly talked with Marvel, and then Eminem’s name was attached to the character, but most fans remain skeptical.)

(Note: it’s been said that the word “splib,” instead of merely being a goofy nonsense word, is a derogatory term for blacks. I’ve only seen it mentioned that way secondhand, and never seen it actually used in that context. Regardless, that’s not what the name’s about. As you can see, Splib Man is an icon of strength, power, and character, and not a source of derision.)

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