T for Two

This week was Becky’s Spring Break, so I took yesterday off from work and we headed over to Boston. BeaucoupKevin‘s Fortress of Beaucoupitude is located there, and he was kind enough to send me some tips on places to go. We considered this a scouting mission. We weren’t trying to do too many touristy things, but to just kind of get a feel for the city so we’d be better prepared to explore it in the future.

We lived within three hours of Chicago for ten years and went there in earnest about three times. We’re not going to let that happen with Boston, which is closer and which I like a lot more. (I’m not a fan of big cities. I don’t like noise and crowds. But Boston doesn’t feel as oppressive me as Chicago did.)

We went about this the smart way, parking at the Riverside T station (the “T” is Boston’s rail/subway mass transit system) which is situated well outside of the city. After a brief ride on the train, we were right there in downtown. Easy-peasy. $7.50 bought us an all-day T ticket, and we were off.

Our first stop was the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which was very cool. Mrs. Gardner was a wealthy woman in the late-19th, early-20th century who filled her house with amazing objets d’art, arranged in no particular order. Her goal was not to educate people about art, but to get them to appreciate it. A medieval tapestry is next to a Japanese painting is next to letters from T. S. Eliot and paintings by Rembrandt. Everywhere your eye falls there’s something interesting, usually something you weren’t expecting. It’s a really neat experience, and I recommend a visit.

From there we did a lot of aimless wandering. We hit a used book store (where I was able to grab a copy of Jason Little’s graphic novel, Shutterbug Follies) and a used CD store, did some window shopping, and tried to find Newbury Comics (but were unable and unwilling to use the map properly, preferring instead to just kind of walk around and see what we could see.) We mostly wandered around the Copley and Central T stops.

This time we didn’t hit any of the same locations we did last time, and our plans for next time also include all-new locations. We’ll bust out the maps eventually and figure out where we were and where other stuff is, but for now we were content to just explore. It’s nice to know how easy and inexpensive it is for us to visit there and get around. I took a few pix that I added to the Photos section, but nothing spectacular.

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