The Takahashi Job

Everyone, without exception, loves a good heist story. Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, that moment in Die Hard when you find out what’s really going on. Heists are great because you get to see an elaborate plan take shape and then go into action.

Pal Ziah Grace loves a good heist story, and was talking on Twitter one day about the idea of a heist story taking place within the genre trappings of a different kind of story. Like, say, a heist being planned in the midst of a romantic comedy, or a sword-and-sandals Egyptian thing where someone’s going after the Pharaoh’s tomb. He decided to put this chatter into action and called for contributions for a digital comics heist anthology called Steal the Show.

I came up with a pitch and sent it his way, and he liked it. But I didn’t have an artist for it. I worked on the first draft of the short script (it’s about five pages) and thought about who I could ask that might be a good fit for it. Suddenly it dawned on me: DAVE H.

You may remember Dave Hotstream from Space Cabby Meets Travis Bickle or The Living Lighthouse. He’s got a solid, affable style that I thought would go a long way towards selling my script, and I think he’s hilarious and deserves more notice. I asked him if he was interested, and he agreed!

I worked on the script over Christmas and sent him the final “working” script. (I haven’t done this before but I assume that as the art gets fleshed out changes to the script will be made to emphasize both.) I got back some character sketches from Dave and I am so stoked.



We’re still in the early stages so I’m not going to say too much more, but I’ll keep you posted on future developments. In the meantime, you can also check out Dave’s Tumblr, where he’s also drawing and writing an epic fantasy saga.

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