Not So Delicious

As the last person in the world who used Delicious, I wasn’t hopeful when a month ago it looked like something had gone wrong with the service. I don’t know much about XML or APIs, and asking for help with getting Delicious to work with my blog seemed like asking for help getting my Betamax to work with my Palm Pilot. I did some research to try and find the problem and, with pal Kurt’s help, verified that the problem was on their end. I sent a message to Delicious support documenting the problem:


I use a Perl script to grab all my delicious bookmarks for a week and post them to my blog. Here is an example:

That was the last time the script worked. Since then it’s been giving me XML errors. Today I played around and I think there’s a problem with the GET command under POSTS for the API.

If I do:

I get:

<update code="200" inboxnew="" message="success" time="2014-11-13T13:41:35Z"/>

which is promising, as 11/13/2014 was the last date I entered a link into delicious (using the bookmarklet).

Also, if I do:

I get:

<result code="something went wrong"/>

although once I got:

“This page contains the following errors:

error on line 1 at column 37: Extra content at the end of the document

Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.”

with this as the source code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

It’s not limited to a particular bookmark that’s wonky, either, no date produces a GET result, including 2014-10-09, which is a date that should work because the “Wal-Mart Cuts Benefits” link from the blog post I lined to above was entered on that date and GET found it just fine on 10-11-2014 when the perl script generated that post.

My account is “legomancer” and if you could help with this, that would be great.


Dave Lartigue

After a few days I got this response:

I don’t know why that would have changed, but our new app is what’s used by the rest avosapi, check out the js app. Use inspect element, it’s not really published but the signatures are stable.

That’s the full response, and I have no idea what this guy is saying. I know what he’s not saying, however, which is, “Yes, I’ve looked into it and found that GET isn’t working correctly” or “If you do this instead, it should work”.

So I think I’ve finally reached the end of the road on Delicious. At the moment I’m still saving links there, but I don’t know how I plan to get them on the blog. The weekly Delicious posts were a nice, automated, Saturday thing for the blog (especially nice back when I was determined to have something new on my blog every day; obviously that’s not a priority anymore.) Creating a link post by hand kind of defeats the purpose, but it wouldn’t be so bad every now and then. Folks have suggested some alternatives, but honestly I think having yet another password and account is also not something I want. I’ll figure out a solution and deploy it soon.

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