Why Can’t I Stop Buying Dice?

I played my last RPG years ago. All of the materials I had, all of the books, are long gone. Some great memories and fun times there, but I just didn’t see myself regularly playing RPGs ever again. So far, that’s held. Despite being tempted a few times, I’ve never really had the urge to play an RPG for a long time.

And yet, I still have this:

That’s a glass bowl nearly full of dice. Some are normal d6es. Some are weirdo d6es. Some are normal weirdo RPG dice and some are especially weirdo RPG dice. I amassed quite an assortment back in the day and can’t imagine getting rid of them, even though I no longer play games in which you supply your own dice. They don’t do anything for me these days except sit in that bowl and remind me of geeky times.

But it gets worse: I also continue to buy more! When we went to Paris earlier this year I stopped in a game store and sure enough, bought some dice as souvenirs.

They were colorful and I knew I’d remember that I got them in Paris.

Then, when I went to Gen Con I spent an inordinate amount of time pawing through dice to get new weird ones, like this set:

The number showing on each is the number of “sides” it has, so what you see there is a d22, d11, d18, d7 with days of the week on it, d9, regular d7, d5, and d14. I will never use these. But I made sure I had all the different ones this place was selling!

And most recently, I backed the Dice Empire Kickstarter by Tinderbox Entertainment, netting ten laser-printed custom d6s.

The designs you see there are Nuke Duke (I got 2 of those) showing 2 and 6, Dungeonesque showing 3, QR-azy Geek showing I don’t know what, Dragons showing 5, Modest Medusa showing 4, Gunslinger also showing 4, Crushing Depths showing 3 (this one didn’t come out as nice as the others), Mainframe showing 2, and Dice Nouveau showing 4 again. They are beautiful and cool looking and once again, I will never use these. They’ll either live in the glass bowl or near it and never get rolled. There’s no reason for me to have them. And yet, I already know they’re not the last dice I buy that don’t come with a game as well.

In fact, I’ve had this page bookmarked for some time.

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