Trashfest Northeast 2014

Has it been a whole year since the inaugural Trashfest? It has, and I was there on Saturday to partake.

I headed down to Connecticut and met up with some folks I already knew, plus met some other folks.

I started out with what I consider to be a tradition: Ascending Empires on Jeff’s super de-luxe board. It’s a beautiful thing, this plexiglass wonder that his wife got made, and I have been tempted to just hand him a credit card and say, “I don’t want to know the details, just make this happen for me.” I tried a mining strategy that might have gotten me a win if I’d committed to it more.

Next I played Theseus: The Dark Orbit with Mike. I hadn’t played as the aliens in a while, and Mike throwing up a firewall and then enhancing it made my life a living hell. Towards the end of the game I finally started to get something going, but it was far too late and I got crushed. It was a nice reminder of how much I enjoy this game, though, and I need to get it played more.

Next I played one that was new to me, Moongha Invaders, a game about giant monsters and the mad scientists who love them. It was a lot of fun, though we only had three and it’s best with four, where the mayhem really ramps up. It’s unfortunately out of print and the subject of a long-delayed and lamentable Kickstarter, but I’d love to get my hands on this.

The next game I played was perfect for Trashfest. I met Mindy, who really likes Agricola, a game about farming. The thing about Agricola is, there are all these decks you can play it with that change the game some, one of which is The X-Deck, a deck full of aliens and goofiness. Mindy’s problem is that fans of Agricola don’t like the wacky shenanigans and fans of wacky shenanigans don’t like Agricola. I’m not a fan of Agricola, but I was definitely down for the aliens decks. During our game we found alien poop that helped grow crops, someone’s animals got shrunk, alien Tripods demanded tribute, Mindy’s farmer got drafted into the rebellion against the evil galactic empire, and I got Woozles, which were Tribbles, which I had to feed, or else they’d run off and lose me points. But I fed the damn Woozles and they got me beaucoup points at the end, tying me for first place! In addition to enjoying the extraterrestrial happenings, I also enjoyed this game of Agricola more, as I finally felt like I had a handle on building my farm, despite having to give tribute to the Tripods every turn.

Next came dinner, for which the wife of the event’s organizer had prepared a fantastic taco bar that was like heaven.

After stuffing my face, I taught Mike and Mindy Imperial Settlers. I had a good game as the Japanese, but they picked it up fast and the game was close. I think they both enjoyed it.

Mike finally extricated himself from me and for the last game I taught Paul(? I think?) and his son Ethan how to play The New Era. This is a tough game to both teach and learn, and I had all the expansions mixed in, so I imagined we’d play a few rounds and they’d get a feel for it. Instead they both picked it up FAST. Ethan especially had a sweet engine running in no time, totally twigging to how the cards worked together. We ended up finishing the whole game with a very tight score as a result. I think they dug the game.

After that I headed out, not having locked my keys in my car this time.

I only played one new-to-me game, but I had a great time with all the folks there. I saw a bunch of things that I’d like to try out, such as Run, Fight, or Die, The Great Heartland Hauling Company, and Warfighter. I was sorry I didn’t get to play games with all the folks I knew there, and I was really hoping to get in a game of Marrying Mr. Darcy with that crowd. There’s always Trashfest 2015, though!

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