I Had That! #38: Voice of the Mummy

(For this week’s entry I’m reposting something from a while back.)

When I was a wee lad, my family had this awesome game called Voice of the Mummy. Honestly, I can’t remember a lot about the actual playing of the game, but I know there were jewels, and obelisks, and a styrofoam board, but mostly there was a freakin’ talking mummy. There was a big ol’ plastic sarcophagus and when you landed on certain spaces you’d press a button on it and it would tell you what to do next in this booming, creepy voice.

It came out from Milton Bradley in 1974, and I remember loving this game. I even still had one of the plastic gems for a long time. Sadly, that gem is gone, along with the rest of the game.

I’d kill every person reading this to have a copy now, but they go for crazy prices on eBay, and usually don’t work. The talking mummy was done via a record player inside the sarcophagus and a two-sided plastic record. Very few of these mechanisms have survived the past 25 years intact, and you can expect to pay out the nose for a working one. Even a broken one isn’t too cheap, and they’re not easy to fix.

However, living in the Internet Age means that nothing is dead forever, and Dave Thiel recently pointed me to this site, where a guy was able to grab all 40 tracks off the record and save them as mp3s. I now present those sounds to you with the Ancient Embedded MP3 Player of Amun-Ra:

(xspf player courtesy Lacy Morrow and Fabricio Zuardi.)

Voice of the Mummy was intended for kids 7-14. Can you imagine that stuff being put out for seven year olds today? Garroted slaves? Screeching green pestilence? Dismembered heads? There would be concerned mothers picketing Milton Bradley headquarters with flaming pitchforks.

When did I get it? BoardGameGeek says the game came out in 1974. I was only six then, but my sister was 11, so that seems reasonable.

Do I still have it? Alas, no. I’d love to have a working copy.

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