I Had That! #37: UFO Candy

A short entry this week because there isn’t much to say about this, but I wanted to include it anyway.

A bike ride up to the Time Saver usually meant buying Star Wars cards (or other movie trading cards). But sometimes you wanted something different, or they were sold out of whatever cards you wanted, and you substituted. One such substitute was UFO Candy.

One did not buy UFO Candy for the candy, which were the usual generic Sweet Tarts type stuff. You bought it because once you got the candy out of there you had a cool plastic UFO. The candy came out of a “hatch” on the bottom and the clear plastic lid could be had in a variety of colors. Once empty, the silver portion of the lid could allegedly be “flown” but that was a non-stop flight to disappointment. More interesting were the “UFO facts” printed on the underside of the label, giving extremely brief but tantalizing UFO cases.

There were only a few of these cases and you didn’t know in advance which one you were going to get. It seemed to me that every one I got involved a UFO that sounded like a big bird. I can’t even find what case this is referring to because a Google search for “big bird” and “ufo” results in cases of people seeing actually unusually large birds.

When did I get it? The very little I can find about this candy has it coming out in 1978, which seems about right.

Do I still have it? I’m really surprised I didn’t hang on to at least one of the plastic saucers but nope, not a one.

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