Wretched Hives of Scum and Allergy

Remember last year, when I got that bizarre allergy attack? It started with red spots around my eyes, and the next day my face was swollen and my whole body itched.

Welp, it happened again.

Honestly, it never completely went away. The swelling and hives eventually settled down, but I was still taking Zyrtec about once a week for random itching. Then on Thursday I noticed spots around the eyes and Friday morning, yep, all swole up. Including my lip (and possibly throat) this time.

this is all I eat now

On Saturday I went to the Qwik Klinik and they prescribed me my weight in Benadryl and some Prednisone. My experience with the latter has been second-hand; it helped my dad have tea with the Queen and notice lobsters on the hospital ceiling. I was kind of looking forward to it (it also makes people surly but in my case, how would you tell?)

After a harrowing Saturday night I started the Prednisone on Sunday morning and it was a sea change. The swelling calmed down, the itching was more controllable, and I even felt good enough to go play boardgames Sunday afternoon. I didn’t experience any untoward side effects, either. SHUT UP LOBSTER I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU GOD DAMMIT.

I’m on this regiment for six days and then we’ll see where we are. When I talked to the allergist last time he didn’t think it was food related, and I’m inclined to agree. My diet is pretty consistent, so if I was that allergic to something I’d be getting reactions more often. I think the fact that I got hit twice at just about the same time of the year points to a possible environment trigger, like some kind of mold or something.

A friend pointed me towards an allergist in Northampton who specializes in environmental allergies so I’m going to try and set up an appointment there. I sure hope it’s not something that would prevent me from being able to rake leaves, though!

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