I Had That! #36: Star Wars Lunchbox

(Your correspondent is under the weather, so for today’s “I Had That”, I’m reposting a blog post from a few years ago.)

Heading out to school in the fall of 1977, I of course wanted a Star Wars lunchbox. I guess there weren’t any yet or something, so my dad helped me make my own. I mentioned it in an earlier post and someone asked about it. Not only can I tell you about it, I can show you pics, since I still have it.

Here are the two main sides (I don’t know what you’d consider the “front” and “back”.)

I believe it was originally a “Dyno-Mutt” lunchbox. First we spray-painted it blue. When that dried, I went to town with pictures I’d cut out of magazines and Star Wars trading cards. We then sprayed it with a clear lacquer, which I think is the only reason it’s still in somewhat good shape.

Pretty sure the movie poster pic was actually a full-page ad from Reader’s Digest. The two cards on that side were two of my favorites, and I wanted that Han Solo one on there so much, I used a “blue” one. I guess that was the only extra one I had? (In those cards, sometimes the picture had a weird blue tint all over it when I suppose something went wrong during printing.)

Here are the two sides:

Judging from how well the R2-D2 pic is cut out, I am assuming I didn’t do it.

Here’s the bottom:

In this picture you can see the dents on the R2-D2 side from when it was taken from me by other kids and kicked around the playground.

And the top:

Yes, I hand-painted the little star and planet on there. And you see what I did with that trading card? STAR WARS IS NUMBER ONE!

So there’s my Star Wars lunchbox from oh, thirty-four years ago. When I die, I will be cremated and it will be used to store my ashes.

When did I get it? All of the trading cards are from the first (blue) set, so this is definitely 1977.

Do I still have it? I do!

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